Tawana Kadango

Tawana was Head Girl at Citykidz School in her Grade 7 year and has an over 85% academic average. She enjoys playing netball and singing in the choir. Tawana lives with her Mom – who is a teacher – and her younger brother. Tawana is very well spoken and friendly, but can be reserved as well. Her ambition is to be a cardiologist one day.

Zethu Mkhize

Zethu was deputy head girl at Citykidz School last year. She is fairly reserved, but friendly and always well mannered and polite. She lives with her Mom and has two older siblings. She enjoys swimming , netball, drama and choir and would like to be an air traffic controller one day. She is strong academically and maintains at 75%+ average.

Sihle Raphestoa

Sihle was previously at Cliffview Primary, and was a prefect in his Grade 7 year. Sihle is friendly and outgoing, and has a wonderfully positive outlook on life. His Mom is a domestic worker, and his long term goal is to be in a position to help his mom financially. Sihle plays soccer and cricket, and has won merit awards for drama. Sihle attended a cricket clinic at the school and was picked to play in the first match of the season.

Victor Igbojinna

Victor was Head Boy at Boskop Primary in his Grade 7 year. He has maintained a 90%+ average right through school and hopes to be an entrepreneur one day. He takes part in most sports and cultural activities, ranging from soccer to Irish dancing! He took part in an outreach programme organized by Eagle Canyon Golf club, and they were so impressed with him, that they have extended the invitation for him to play at Eagle Canyon.

Melissa Sathekge

Melissa was a prefect at Boskop Primary last year in her final year of junior school. Melissa is fairly reserved, and would like to be a Biochemist one day and find the cure for cancer. Melissa lost her mom to cancer 2 years ago. She is being brought up by her Dad, together with her older brother and younger sister. Melissa excels at academics and achieved an 80%+ average in her final year of junior school.

Nkoki Malao

Nkoki was prevously at Cliffview Primary, and was a prefect in her final year. Nkoki is bubbly and outgoing, and loves sport, in particular hockey and swimming. She has just got her new hockey kit and will be taking part in trials next week, and had her first gala on the 13th January. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Science, and she would love to study Sports Science in the future. She lives with her Mom.