Our bursary students are currently in Grade 11, and have been with us for 3 years.

Offering of bursaries to children from underprivileged backgrounds, for their entire high school career. We currently have 6 children that have been selected for these bursaries. We also offer bursaries to children attending Special Needs Schools and currently have 2 children on this programme.

Tertiary bursaries for young people from low income families that would not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their studies.

Why Bursaries?

The aim of the Foundation is not to “plug holes” but to make a long-term, sustainable difference to the socioeconomic problems in our country. It is our firm belief that it is through education that we can make a difference to this, and future generations.

How We Make Our Selection Of Recipients

For the children going to high school on bursaries, we approach a large number of primary school principals for their input on who they feel would be suitable candidates for a bursary based on academic, sporting and cultural participation of the child, a financial need within the family, and someone that they believe will not only benefit from the bursary, but will give the child an opportunity to soar. Once we have received the applications, these are reviewed by the schools they will be attending as well as the Board members of the Foundation. From this, a shortlist is drawn up and the children and their parents attend an interview with the Principal of the school as well as members of the Foundation Board.

How We Choose The Schools Were We Place The Children

We believe that when we award a child a bursary through the Flight Centre Foundation, we not only have a financial obligation to the child, but a responsibility for their emotional well-being. We believe that the schools that we choose should have as much of a vested interest in the overall well-being of the child as we do, high a strong school ethos, instill in the children a culture of social responsibility to those less fortunate and have the staff, such as social workers, counselors and psychologists, to help our children with the transition.

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Our Bursary Students

Trinity House

Wednesday, 11th January 2017, saw the first of our bursary scholars start at Trinityhouse, Randpark Ridge. Although they were a little nervous, all three were very excited to be there.

Our bursary scholars at Trinityhouse are:

Bursary Students From Trinity High School

De La Salle Holy Cross College

Our second group of bursary scholars started at De La Salle Holy Cross College on Wednesday 18th January. This group had taken starting at a new school in their stride and were raring to go! Sihle reacquainted himself with someone that he had been at nursery school with and Tawana headed straight for the fields to meet her new school mates. Being orientation week, they were all sporting lion ears and carrying their requisite bag of Simba chips!


Bursary Students at De La Salle High School