Zethu Mkhize

Zethu was deputy head girl at Citykidz School last year. She is fairly reserved, but friendly and always well mannered and polite. She lives with her Mom and has two older siblings. She enjoys swimming , netball, drama and choir and would like to be an air traffic controller one day. She is strong academically and maintains at 75%+ average.

A Letter From Zethu

 For the past weeks that I have been in High School I expected a lot of complicated subjects, bigger responsibilities and difficult homework but everything was quite the opposite from the expected.

I have experienced a lot of sacrificing time for extra lessons in the morning and extra murals after school but I am proud to say I have tried to manage everything. High School is way different from primary, many things have changed. We are getting used to everything though, including the environment. I am so happy to be at De La Salle Holy Cross College, especially because of all the teachers, students and my friends.

In my class, I am bonded with crazy things but with all those fun moments when it is time to learn everyone is enthusiastic and that is courageous. I look forward to all the years still to come with these people around me. I am very grateful to be at De La Salle.

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