Victor Igbojinna

Victor was Head Boy at Boskop Primary in his Grade 7 year. He has maintained a 90%+ average right through school and hopes to be an entrepreneur one day. He takes part in most sports and cultural activities, ranging from soccer to Irish dancing! He took part in an outreach programme organized by Eagle Canyon Golf club, and they were so impressed with him, that they have extended the invitation for him to play at Eagle Canyon.

A Letter From Victor

Hello Flight Centre Foundation. Thank you for the scholarship, it has been amazing at Trinity. At first I was so scared, wondering how I was going to adapt, but after camp I made many friends and met new people. Things have been happening so fast! I have entered some sports l like tennis, hockey, golf, outreach and chess. As much as I have been doing sports, I have also been focusing on my school work, they are really different from Boskop but I have been managing. The teachers are really amazing – they always make sure that we understand and help us in any way they can. My friends are great and we have so much in common and they are so supportive. Trinity House is awesome and is so supportive.

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