Tawana Kadango

Tawana was Head Girl at Citykidz School in her Grade 7 year and has an over 85% academic average. She enjoys playing netball and singing in the choir. Tawana lives with her Mom – who is a teacher – and her younger brother. Tawana is very well spoken and friendly, but can be reserved as well. Her ambition is to be a cardiologist one day.

A Letter From Tawana

 I have to admit, the first day of high school was nerve-wracking! I was so used to my tiny wonderland at CityKidz, but looking back on the past few weeks, I’ve quite enjoyed high school. There were quite a few surprises during those weeks, one of them including orientation. The Grade 12’s made us do the silliest things like wear Alice band ears, name tags and draw whiskers and a mane on our faces. We also had to stick to wall’s and spin around in circles holding up Simba chips packets that we were instructed to carry around everywhere!

I enjoy all my lessons, making new friends and joining cheerleading. I really enjoy cheerlieading, not only because of their very cute uniforms but because I am part of one big, happy “cheer” family. One of the things that really blew my mind was the coffee shop. That meant that I got to sit in the library, drink my cup of coffee and do my online assessment. I almost fainted with joy when I saw all the books in the library. I went for my first mass, swimming gala and swimming trials too – they were extraordinary. I loved every moment of the past weeks.

It’s quite a huge change for me, besides the uniform of course. I’ve never gone to a school with three terms and so many sports teams to choose from. I am interested in tennis but I play terribly. I have also joined the La Sallian Youth Group. I’m happy to say that I have got more than one loving family – I am also part of the Flight Centre Family, the De La Salle Family, the La Sallian Family and the Cheer Family.

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