Sihle Raphestoa

Sihle was previously at Cliffview Primary, and was a prefect in his Grade 7 year. Sihle is friendly and outgoing, and has a wonderfully positive outlook on life. His Mom is a domestic worker, and his long term goal is to be in a position to help his mom financially. Sihle plays soccer and cricket, and has won merit awards for drama. Sihle attended a cricket clinic at the school and was picked to play in the first match of the season.

A Letter From Sihle

School has been great so far. I have good friends that look after me. The teachers are nice at the school. My favorite subject is History because we learn about the past and see things from their point of view and that we get to eat in class!! My marks have dropped a little but I have to keep working. I’m doing quite well in cricket – it’s been such an amazing season so far. The coaches tell me that I have a talent for cricket but my heart will always be in soccer. I love playing sport but I can’t play sport all the time – I have to focus on school. I seem to know every matric – my favorite matrics are Philani and Stephen because they make me laugh all the time and if I am sad, I go to them and they make me laugh. I am very thankful to Liam’s mom who takes me home when I have cricket or don’t have a lift home.

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