Nkoki Malao

Nkoki was prevously at Cliffview Primary, and was a prefect in her final year. Nkoki is bubbly and outgoing, and loves sport, in particular hockey and swimming. She has just got her new hockey kit and will be taking part in trials next week, and had her first gala on the 13th January. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Science, and she would love to study Sports Science in the future. She lives with her Mom.

A Letter From Nkoki

Trinity House School is the most amazing school in the world. Since I received the bursary from Flight Centre, I could not wait for the first day. I had so many mixed feelings. I was excited, but I was also scared. The hardest part was saying good-bye to all my friends from Cliffview but my mom told me to see this as a chance to make new friends.

On my first day I was so nervous. Lucky we had already been to meetings to introduce the new grade 8’s and I had made a few friends already. Wearing my uniform for the first time was so exciting. And of course, mom reminded me for the hundredth time to thank God for the blessing. She says I must use this opportunity to chase my dream and one day when I grow up, I must thank God by being a blessing to other people.

The first three days were meant to get us into our classes and introduce us to our teachers. Our prefects who are our Wolves (and we are their cubs) have been very helpful and made these first few days easier. Not only the prefects are amazing, the teachers are the most helpful teachers you will ever find. They explain and make us understand the work. And if I am not sure, they are always available to guide me.

Working on tablets is new to me, but it is the best thing ever because we do have to carry so many books around.

Camp was the best! It was awesome. There were so many fun activities and I had the best time ever. I also made so many friends.

Initiation was fun though we had to do some crazy things. We had to walk around like we are driving a car, so I made a steering wheel from cardboard. The other week I had to dress up a vegetable and carry it around, that was so funny. The hardest part was getting signatures from prefects by doing crazy things they asked us to do like barking at a tree till it barks back or proposing marriage to a certain prefect. In many schools initiation is cruel, but at Trinity it is to build us as part of the team and so they don’t do mean things. I enjoyed it.

At the end of initiation we were inducted as part of the Trinity House school team and the ceremony was very moving and our parents were so proud of us. It meant a lot to us because we were dedicated to the Lord who is the one that guides us through everything.

I have started hockey and I am enjoying it very much. I cannot wait for the hockey tour next year in Australia. I pray I make the team that goes, but I know I will.

We have started our cycle tests and I know I have done well in all of them and the assignments that we have been given.

I will make Flight Centre and my mom proud by doing the best that I can and getting good marks.

Thank you Flight Centre for giving me this opportunity to succeed in life.

My First Month and a Half at Trinity House High School

By Nkoki Malao (10 August 2017) The second term at Trinity House School was tough and the work was so much more. Exams were nerve wrecking and I felt a lot of pressure. There were lots of projects and I also had to study for exams. It was a lot to take in, however, I managed. It was my first time writing exams in high school, in a hall, with older grades. I was so scared. My exam results did not look good in the end. Teachers say that all grade 8’s don’t do as well in their first exams as they are under a lot of pressure. So I have decided not to stress too much and look forward to an excellent third term and prepare for the end of the year. I know I gave it my all but now I need to give more than that. I know I can do better, and I will work harder. The third term is my term to shine and I will. My sports was amazing. I have done well in hockey and was awarded Junior colours for hockey so I have a scroll on my blazer, that is so exciting. And I was also awarded the Captain’s Award for my A-Team. I really love hockey. My family is really proud of me and I don’t want to let them down. I am working at better planning and I will attend all support classes and carry on my peer tutoring as it is helping me with my marks. I will study twice as hard and push myself so that I achieve more and grow my marks to the 70% average mark. I am 120% sure I will achieve that. I will be working twice as hard this term to reach my dreams. My goals for term three are: 1. Achieve average of 70% overall by achieving:
  • English – 80%
  • Afrikaans 65%
  • Maths 60%
  • Arts and Culture 70%
  • Natural Science 65%
  • Computers 90%
  • EMS 70%
  • LO 70%
  • Human and Social Science 70%.
I would also like to continue with Hockey which is indoor hockey for this term. I have also joined the Athletics team. This term I achieved 41 honours points and I plan to achieve 45 in the third term. I never forget to thank the Lord for the Flight Centre Foundation for having believed in me and given me this amazing opportunity. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

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