Melissa Sathekge

Melissa was a prefect at Boskop Primary last year in her final year of junior school. Melissa is fairly reserved, and would like to be a Biochemist one day and find the cure for cancer. Melissa lost her mom to cancer 2 years ago. She is being brought up by her Dad, together with her older brother and younger sister. Melissa excels at academics and achieved an 80%+ average in her final year of junior school.

A Letter From Melissa.

 “We are running late!” shouted out my Dad. “You don’t want to be late for your new school!” said my dad with a smile on his face, I could tell he was proud to see his first daughter go to high school. I grabbed my bag and ran off to the car that was already running. I sat next to my dad in the passenger seat in silence. I said with a huge smile on my face – “I am nervous, I wish Mommy was here”. “Me too” said my Dad. I put on my favorite radio station to cool me down. I am really a smiley person, I am always happy no matter what even in tough situations I mange to keep up a smiley / happy face. My dad parked close to the reception where Diane and a photography man was. I took my bag and approached Diane and the photography man. I stood in front of the photography man and smiled for the camera. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening, not so long ago I was still in Boskop Primary School wishing I could go to Trinity House High School.

As soon as I was done with the photos my Dad and I entered the school not knowing where to go. We decided to go to the hall – the only place we knew in the school. There was a prefect there and he instructed us to go to the wedge. And that was exactly where we went.

My Dad and I wondered around the school – well I followed him and it seemed as if he knew exactly where to go. As we approached the wedge I saw all the grade 8 students seated on the floor chatting to their friends. I saw my friend Pavana but she was way at the back and I couldn’t go all the way to her through all the other children sitting on the floor. I hesitated to enter the wedge some people were looking at me and I turned back to my Dad and told him I was too nervous. One prefect at the door told me just to go in and sit next to someone. Luckily there was a girl behind me who also seemed to be late on her first high school day. I walked behind her as we entered the wedge. I sat next to people I didn’t know. I just greeted them and spoke to the girl I came into the wedge with.

I was truly excited to have begun on a new clean slate because nobody knew me … not that i am a bad girl … just to start off fresh. We were then taken into the hall where we were all seated. My new principal stood on the stage with a whole speech written for us. I felt so welcome into the school, I felt as if Trinity was exactly where I was supposed to be. As soon as he was done with the intriguingly spectacular speech, we were then told that it was time to be shown the teachers in grade 8. Children from different class lists were called and given a homeroom teacher and a tutor. Names were being called and lines were being formed. Later there was a portion of children left including myself, and surprisingly, Victor. It was then said that the leftover children are in grade 8.2 whose homeroom teacher is Mrs Enslin who was sick and was going to attend school as soon as she gets better.

We were then told our tutor was Mrs Dawson who was always smiling like me .. that was one thing I like about her. She had on glasses and red lipstick and she wore modern clothes which told me exactly what kind of person she was was. She was humble. A strong believer in God (all teachers and students are .. I guess because Trinity is a Christian school). She was a happy and understanding teacher (which is a rare kind). We settled down in her class and we started off with a prayer. That was a beginning of a fantastic five years in Trinity House High School!

That was my first time going into Trinity House in a Trinity House uniform. Ever since its been a fantastic experience. We have been welcomed warmly and with gratitude into Trinity House High School. All the principles have been laid down clearly to us from day one and from then on I knew that the Trinity students and staff / management were proud of their school. Of which I am.

My homeroom teachers name is Mrs Enslin who met later on and is a marvelous teacher who is not strict at all compared to other teachers. She is a humble teacher who expects respect and commitment from each and every student in class. My tutor is Mrs Dawson.

I am enjoying every moment at Trinity House High School thoroughly because 5 years is not a long time, it may sound like it … but it is certainly not.

I am going to start off with the teachers in Trinity House Height School who all seem to be happy to be at a private school with many opportunities for children. All the teachers that teach me all have their own way of teaching which blew my mind away because their teaching strategy is way easier than how it is put in the textbooks. They all expect us to try do our best and when something is not understood to ask questions. I honesty respect all of them for taking their time teaching us things we didn’t know.

My classmates are really great kids who come from disciplined backgrounds and all have a different way of understanding the world. They all have difference character traits which I find cool because they take their time to socialize with different groups.

The new things we are learning in Trinity House are really valuable to my life. We learn how to be proactive and become better people / teenagers. We are taught not to be friend-centered, boyfriend-centered or even school-centered. We should learn to balance / maintain all these things to be have a stable life and be an independent individual. All these things we are learning and change my paradigms (paradigm is a word I learnt from reading a book given to me by LO teacher on how to become better teenagers. Paradigms are the way we see things – your point of view of things / your beliefs – these can create limitations.). We also learnt to create new habits, good ones. I learnt all this in one subject! My favorite subject is Biology – we are learning about microscopes and how to calculate specimens,. The hardest thing now could be having to adapt to a new set of math methods. It seems that the rest of the children in my class expect Victor and I know these methods because they are from the Trinity Prep School and they learn these methods when they were in Grade 7, so that could be the hardest thing at this moment …but I will manage.

My friends are the best – they make school more fun because they make me smile even more. We make a lot of jokes and all we want to do is have fun at school and pass in order to go overseas to study. That is our goal. Trinity House is the beginning of a wonderful life and a secure future. I am enjoying it even more than I imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity that was given to me to be at Trinity House – there is no other school that I’d rather be in.

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