Our Students at the University of Johannesburg

Neo Malema Report

My name is Neo Malema. I’d like to share my awesome journey of being at the University of Johannesburg with the love and support from Flight Centre. It has been a really interesting time going through all this with support because I’ve been an extremely independent person and learner all my life and now I have support from a educational and personal level which helps me not only to become more of an efficient learner, it has also made my time at University an amazing time.

I know I always have support and that makes it easy to focus on how I can apply my skills in my industry as I learn. So I’d like to not only than Flight Centre but also encourage more passionate young people to find a love for tourism. Especially in this beautiful country we call South Africa. Flight Centre Foundation is the bomb (haha don’t say that on a plane)!


Trishia Tshandu Report

This year I am doing my third and final year at the University of Johannesburg and I am studying tourism management. This year has been the most academically challenging and demanding. This academic year consists of two semesters, with the first semester being dedicated to theory in seven modules and the second semester being for work integrated learning where we get to work practically in the industry. My tourism research module was the most challenging as it was something new that required a lot of research and self-teaching. I was however pleased to see my hours of hard work that I put in were not in vain as I was able to produce an A+ research proposal. I found that I enjoyed my research development module the most and it introduced me to new career possibilities in the industry that I had not been aware of before.

Entrepreneurship development is quite interesting and I’ve enjoyed developing a business plan and its helped me to realize the importance of entrepreneurship in South Africa and realize that starting a business isn’t easy but it can be rewarding. The past four months have however taught me the importance of time management, hard work and perseverance. I have discovered new strengths and weaknesses and have learned that time is a precious commodity that should be spent wisely. I am now more focused and I plan on working harder as my goal is to pass this semester with an overall average of 75% and ultimately graduate with a distinction next year.