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#Kili4Kids Climb – Day Two

After leaving the hotel yesterday, and driving to the Rongai Park Gate, our climbers began a hike from Nale Moru.  During the 6.5km hike the path started through maize fields, eventually entering a pine forest, where there is a variety of wildlife.  They arrived at their first stop, Rongai First Cave, in the late afternoon.  From their campsite they would have seen views of the Kenyan plains.  I spoke with the tour guide yesterday evening, who has been in radio contact with the head guide, John, and I believe all our climbers did very well on this first day. 

Our climbers were up bright and early this morning to begin their second day.  Today will be a much more challenging day for our climbers with a 12km hike and going up to 3,600 metres.  It is expected that they will be hiking for 6-8 hours today, through rainforests, moorland and eventually into an area with shrubs and grasses.  By midday, they will be able to see the ice fields on the crater rim.  The news from John is that they are all well and still raring to go!!  I take my hat off to them as personally, after a 6.5km hike on day one, and roughly 5km already this morning, I think I would need a weeks rest!  Not our intrepid climbers though – they will climb a further 7km today – and I mean climb! – to eventually stop at Kikelewa Caves.  Now I am sure some of you will be saying – 12 km over 8 hours? that’s nothing! – I reiterate, they are climbing!!  The biggest challenge is the steady ascent, going from pretty much sea level to 3,600 metres in two days,  – a challenge for anyone.
From tomorrow our team will have signal so can’t wait to speak to them directly as well as get some of the photos, which I will be sending to you hot off the press!!