Education gives you wings

The Flight Centre Foundation works to provide a better future for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, through education.

Flight Centre Foundation believes that we all have a responsibility to help other people who are less fortunate. Particularly changing a child’s future through education.

Flight Centre Foundation project manager Diane Cleary said the Australian owned foundation operates in five countries around the world and was first established in South Africa three years ago as a non-profit organization.

“After the first six months when I initially started working within the foundation, we decided to streamline what we do in the foundation. Our main focus became education which is divided into different categories such as bursaries. We have eight children on bursaries who are enrolled in different schools such as at Trinity House, Del La Salle Holy Cross College and an additional two students at the University of Johannesburg,” said Cleary.

She added that the bursary encompasses everything a child needs to thrive at school. The foundations assist with providing necessities such as books, stationery, sports equipment, uniforms and extramural activities. The only aspect parents are responsible for is tuckshop or transport money.

“In terms of the selection process, a letter was sent out to the schools, depending on their surrounding areas in Joburg, and enquired if they have any children they would recommend for a bursary. We look for learners from lower income households who are doing well at school and would really benefit from a bursary,” said Cleary.

She went on to say that all the children have settled in well and are thriving at their schools.

They also support the Philile Foundation which is an early development centre in three different areas. One of the main donations they assist with is food for their meals in a day and also for their after-school programme for 100 children.

Flight Centre also gives their staff an opportunity to participate in corporate social investment initiative days. The employees also help raise funds through workplace giving, by contributing every month.

“For every bit that you give, you get 10-fold back. Not in terms of goods but in terms of purpose,” concluded Cleary.

Post was adapted from the original from the Northcliff/Melville Times.

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