Our Vision

Through a hands-on approach, we give back to the communities in which we work, sustainably.

Our main focus is education as we believe that it is through education that we can begin to address the socio-economic problems that are currently so prevalent in South Africa.

Our vision is to change the future of a child through education.To achieve this goal, we offer bursaries to children from disadvantaged backgrounds from Grade 8 to tertiary and beyond. Our goal is to not only offer the financial assistance to pay fees, but to assist with the social and emotional aspect of the child’s life, offering guidance and mentor-ship. We are also closely involved in the progress of the child and receive regular feedback from the schools in this regard. Our hope is that together, through the involvement of our people, our suppliers and our customers, we can increase the awareness and the number of children through the foundation.

Our Team

Diane Cleary

Andrew Stark

Sam Van Gool

CFO Flight Centre Travel Group

Kevin Backhouse